About Us

We noticed that Heating Oil customers in the North Eastern United States wanted options and the ability to easily see the prices of multiple vendors.

When you look for gasoline the prices are easy to see and compare… not for Heating Oil.

Now you can see nearby heating oil prices and in a click get it delivered.

We are Heating Oil Delivery veterans and Military War Veterans workingo to save you time and money. Hope this helps.

What We Do

We hope to help save you time and money in your heating oil bill. The app makes it easy. We’ve been running heating oil businesses for decades and its about time we used technology to make it easier and more affordable.

Our Mission

To save people time and money by making the process of purchasing heating oil simple, transparent and fas

Our Vision

The Heating Oil App allows you to check prices, order oil and ensure you get a good deal while on the go. Save money and get it done quick and easy.


Jane P.

The best. Never have to wait for delivery. They are honest and understanding. We have always been happy with their service.

Sue P.

This company is the absolute best!!!! I waited till the last minute in this deep freeze and was running on fumes! He showed up super quickly for me and alleviated all my worries.. Thank you Thank you Thank you and to their professional team!

Richard G.

We switched for lowest competitive rates back in 2006. Rates have remained consistently the lowest, have enjoyed friendly, courteous, extremely helpful service through the past 10 years. Highly recommend.

Joseph L.

Always on time with very friendly service!!! AND GOOD PRICES!!!

Charlene F.

When I had oil they were easy to work with, always nice and understanding. The only reason I don't use them now is I have gas. If I ever have oil again I will def go back to them!

Cindy M.

Im very satisfied with their great service! I always recommend them to all that ask.

Brian M.

Super polite, fast and reliable. They always seem to have the lowest price for oil.

Joseph L.

Always on time with very friendly service!!! AND GOOD PRICES!!!

Pam R.

Always comes either same day or next morning. Lowest prices and very professional. Wouldn’t go anyplace else.

Christine L.

Thank you for coming to my rescue today! You guys are fantastic!

Marshall C.

Friendly & inexpensive. Fast service too! Never had better. Thanks so much!

Rita S.

Offers competitive pricing along with consistently professional and reliable service. Exceptional!

Cathy B.

They are the best! Very professional, dependable, loyal to their customers and reasonable prices. Been with them for many years. And will continue to do so.

Gail C.

Had them for awhile.. Good prices and reliable service. Would highly recommend them

Robin B.

Reliable and lowest price around. Always friendly and helpful. Love them!

Steven W.

Fast, reliable, friendly and great prices! Thanks

Jessica C.

This company is amazing! Anytime we call; they deliver right Away! No waiting necessary! Thanks for always being there when we need you!

Carly L.

Wonderful company, quick to respond, and always there in a pinch! Thank you!

Patty D.

Fast service good prices nice people what more could you want.

Deborah L.

Very dependable and very courteous. Would use no one else!

Kris C.

Great company! Fair prices and excellent service.

Melonie B.

You guys are great, I have been a customer since 2006.

Kevin P.

Nice People.. Excellent Service.. Always Available.. Fair Price.. Very Competent Mechanical & Repair.. Just What Is Needed In A Home Heating Oil Company You'll Be Pleased.. I Am..