Why Keep Your Boiler Serviced?

Why Keep Your Boiler Serviced?

Many people tend to forget to have their oil boiler serviced, or they mistakenly believe that it doesn’t make much difference. However, research points to the importance of having your oil boiler serviced regularly. Over the course of time, being vigilant in this area can really save you a lot of money.

A well-maintained boiler is an efficient boiler, and an efficient boiler burns less oil to give off the same amount of heat. Keeping your boiler regularly serviced will also reduce the chances of problems arising, costing you who-knows-how-much money to fix it.. Experts in the field recommend that boilers are serviced on an annual basis or as recommended by the boiler’s manufacturer.

What Can I Expect to Happen During a Service?

During a regular service, the engineer will examine the boiler and make sure that it is working properly and that it is burning oil efficiently. Typical issues with an inefficient boiler include:

  • Too much soot build up – a build up of soot of 3mm can reduce the efficiency of the boiler by approximately 8%.
  • Oil nozzles that are worn – the nozzles are under high pressure and turn the oil into a vapor, so it can be burned. These can be coated with soot and will eventually wear out.
  • Photocells that are glazed – a photocell is a safety feature of oil boilers. It regulates the flame to help ensure that it stays lit. It can become glazed with residue or soot and should be cleaned.
  • Ignition electrodes that are coated in soot or worn out.

The oil pipes and oil tank should also be inspected for leaks and the build up of condensation that can happen if the level is low. Water in the oil can also reduce the efficiency of your boiler. Please see our blog article about the dangers of water in your oil tank and how to prevent it from occurring.

Carbon Monoxide

Another critical reason to have your boiler serviced on a regular basis is the potential for carbon monoxide production. A boiler that hasn’t been serviced in a while is much more likely to have the flu blocked. This can then cause carbon monoxide to leak back into the room, which is very dangerous. It can even be deadly. A carbon monoxide alarm is an essential tool to have on hand and can alert you to the presence of this toxic gas.

Even small amounts of carbon monoxide in the air can cause unpleasant symptoms including:

  • tiredness
  • headaches
  • vomiting
  • dizziness
  • nausea

If you begin to experience any of these symptoms when your boiler is operating, switch it off immediately and call an engineer to come out and perform an inspection.

Needless to say, keeping your boiler serviced regularly is not just another ho-hum item to be added to your to-do list. It’s vital that you make this inspection an annual priority. Keeping your boiler in top shape could literally save your life!