Ordering heating oil and having it delivered to your home should be a relatively simple process, but if you have just moved and are new to this type of fuel, you might discover that you have some questions and uncertainty about how to go about it. Hopefully, our tips will prove to be helpful in saving you time and money.

Ordering Your Heating Oil

  • The minimum delivery for heating oil is typically 150 gallons, so you will need to make sure you have enough capacity in your tank. Some companies will deliver as little as 80 gallons for an added surcharge of around $30.00 or so.
  • You will need to calculate how much heating oil you need before you order. How you go about this will depend on whether you have a tank gauge or heating oil monitor that will give you a good idea of how much oil is in your tank. If you don’t have a tank gauge, you will need to use the old-fashioned method of inserting a dry stick into the heating oil tank to see how high up the stick the oil reaches. This will only give an indication of the level of oil in the tank; you will still need to know the capacity of your tank in order to be able to calculate how much room you have and therefore how much oil to order. You may be able to get specific insight regarding your oil tank from its manufacturer.
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Before the Delivery

  • Try to be present for the delivery so that you can ensure that the correct amount is delivered and provide access to the oil tank. However, if you can’t be home, your oil can still be delivered.
  • Make sure any gates or entry points are open for the delivery driver and that your tank can be easily accessed.
  • Make sure your oil boiler is switched off to keep sludge from entering your heating oil system and blocking the filters. If this happens, you will need to call out a certified engineer to remedy the problem.
  • Make sure that any tank locks or security devices have been removed or disabled, so that the driver can execute the delivery.
  • Make sure there is a suitable place for the tanker to park that is safe and accessible, and let the oil company know beforehand if there are any access issues.

During the Delivery

  • If you are present for the delivery, make sure that the driver resets the meter on the delivery tanker to zero.

After the Delivery

  • Once your oil has been delivered, check that the meter on the delivery tanker shows the correct amount of heating oil has been delivered and that this matches the amount shown on the delivery ticket.
  • Remember to re-enable any security devices as well as lock gates and tank locks to ensure your heating oil is safe. Do this immediately; a full tank of heating oil is a big temptation to thieves.
  • If you are unable to be present for the delivery, you will need to make sure that the correct amount of oil has been delivered by re-checking the level of heating oil in your tank.